House rules (Student Housing Rotterdam)


House rules (Student Housing Rotterdam)

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Read here – The general house rules of Student Housing Rotterdam

General Rules and Regulations for shared accommodations and room 

To benefit all residents and to insure proper use of both the rented premises and the entire building, Tenants agree to comply with the following Rules and Regulations. These Rules and Regulations are part of Tenants’ Lease.


1. Security is very important. Please ensure that all windows and doors are locked upon leaving the house/apartment. When entering the building, do not let anyone come in behind you or hold the door open for strangers.

2. Tenants will use the premises for residential purposes only; will not conduct any business in or from their premises; will obey all laws, ordinances, and health regulations; will do nothing that may injure the reputation or condition of the building or its owner. Solicitation of any kind, by guests or Tenants, is prohibited at all times.

3. Tenants will not do anything or keep anything in or about the premises that in any way will increase the risk of fire or that may conflict with fire or insurance regulations.

4. Tenants shall respect the rights of all other tenants/occupants of the building to peace and quiet and will not disturb any of them unreasonably by shouting or other loud use of his or her voice, with noise, music, radios and televisions, odor, or in any other way. Likewise, vandalism of any kind by a Tenant on or to Landlord’s property is prohibited

5. Tenants are responsible for the behavior of any and all of their guests, visitors, and invitees. Such persons may not break Tenants’ Lease or these Rules and Regulations. Tenants are responsible to pay for any damages or clean-up resulting from the conduct of their guests, visitors, and invitees. It is not allowed to party in any form whatsoever to organize, this apartment is not a club or restaurant.

6. Pets either/or other people than mentioned in your tenancy agreement are not allowed to live in the accommodation without the landlords written permission. By notice of the landlord that other people or pets are living in the said term, landlord has the right to oblige the tenant that they need to leave the property within 48 hours.

7. Except for controls in Tenants’ premises, intended for Tenants’ use, Tenants will not operate any other controls relating to the building’s utility services without the expressed, written, prior approval of Landlord. This includes but is not limited to heating and air conditioning, water and sewer, gas, electric (including lighting), laundry, or other equipment, and Tenants will not enter the boiler/furnace room.

8. Tenants will not obstruct entrances, public areas, hallways or other corridors, stairs,exits, walks or fire escapes.

9. Tenants will not add or in any way change locks or keying.

10. Trash and garbage (including recyclables) always shall be placed in the trash containers provided by Landlord, and container lids, if any, must be kept tightly closed at all times. When a trash container is full, trash can be dumped across the street in the general container.

11. Tenants will never go on the roof of the building for any reason

12. Waterbeds and weight lifting equipment are prohibited at all times. Air conditioners, microwave or other ovens, space heaters, hot plates, washers, dryers, and refrigerators beyond those supplied by Landlord are prohibited without prior written permission of Landlord.

13. Smoking is not permitted at any time in the building, including entrances, driveways, all grounds, and including the premises.

14. Tenants will not remove batteries from smoke detectors or in any other way disarm them.

15. Maintenance requests shall be submitted in writing to Landlord. Specifics of the problem, to the extent possible, shall be included in the request. Tenants are strictly liable to reimburse Landlord for repair of any damage caused by violation of any of these Rules by Tenants or by their guests.


1. Tenants will perform reasonable housekeeping in their premises to maintain them in a clean, neat, and sanitary condition. Once a week you will need to vacuum, dust, and change bedding and towels.

2. Tenants will act reasonably to conserve water and energy, and will report running toilets and faucets to Landlord for service. Tenants will not make unreasonable use of heat, leave windows open during cold weather, or leave televisions or other permitted devices on and unattended. Tenants will not remove screens and/or storms from the windows, even briefly.

3. Tenants will not install any aerial or antenna, and they will not erect or use any radio transmitters in the premises without both appropriate filters and prior written permission from Landlord.


1. Tenants will leave bathroom/toilets after each use clean, including bathtub, mirrors, and counter.

3. Showers/bath should not be taken before 6:00am or after 12:00pm. Please limit showers/bath to 1 per day, 10 minutes in length.

2. Tenants will use toilets, tubs, and sinks only for their primary purpose and will never use them to dispose of sweepings, rubbish, rags, garbage, sanitary napkins, or other items likely to clog them. Tenants are liable to pay Landlord for any expense it incurs for repairing damage (including unclogging toilets and drains) caused by Tenants, their guests, or invitees.


1.Tenants will clean and tidy the kitchen after each use.  For all dirty cutlery, pans, plates, bowls and dirty knives give them a rinse and put it in the dish washer. When full start the dishwasher and clean him out afterwards. When not sure how to operate the dish washer, please make an appointment with the Landlord for instructions.


1.Tenants will use of laundry facilities for personal clothing is to be arranged with accommodation providers on an individual basis. Bedding and towels need to be washed once a week.

2. Tenants will check clothing before washing on coins and other loose materials to avoid clogging up the washing machine. When not sure how to operate the washing machine, please make an appointment with the Landlord for instructions.

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